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IMBA Level 1 Certification

A couple weeks back, on the weekend of April 10th, 11th, 12th (counting Friday), I went to the IMBA Level 1 instructor certification clinic.  This clinic focused primarily on guiding a ride, but did include some basic skills instruction.  I had two really good instructors that were great at passing along not only the skills but on how to instruct the skills.  One of the things that I found most challenging at first, was watching the other students who were making deliberate mistakes and trying to catch/correct them.

Overall, the course was fun and a informational.  I’m pretty excited to go for my Level 2 at some point, but will probably have to wait until next year.


I enjoy reading various cycling related website.  One of the regular stops on my reading list is “In the Crosshairs” at  Bill does a great job providing some good coverage of cyclocross racing and providing some analysis as well.

One of Bill’s recent posts was looking at the Belgian national championships for this year.  The post wasn’t following the top elite riders (he did that in another video) but rather the ‘race within the race’ for the top non-contract riders.  For those riders that can’t win the race, what about their goals and how does a good race put that in perspective?

The perspective here is that one good ride can make a season.  Watch and enjoy.