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I enjoy reading various cycling related website.  One of the regular stops on my reading list is “In the Crosshairs” at  Bill does a great job providing some good coverage of cyclocross racing and providing some analysis as well.

One of Bill’s recent posts was looking at the Belgian national championships for this year.  The post wasn’t following the top elite riders (he did that in another video) but rather the ‘race within the race’ for the top non-contract riders.  For those riders that can’t win the race, what about their goals and how does a good race put that in perspective?

The perspective here is that one good ride can make a season.  Watch and enjoy.

Darkest before the dawn…

Winter is still in full effect, throughout my area at least.  I know that I’m a little tired of cold weather riding and yearn for those warmer days that will come with spring-time riding.

Hang in there!  The key to remember is that those who persist, continue to put in the efforts required, are the ones who will make progress and have the best results during the upcoming season.  The “off season” is the the ideal time to build upon last seasons results and set yourself up for a great year this year.

Whether you’re grinding through another trainer session or enduring frozen fingers and toes during a long outdoor endurance ride, continue to persevere.  Those folks who give in and short cut their workouts now will be steps behind you while you are continuing to make progress.  Keep it up and have a great season this year!


Perseverance – steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., esp. in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement.” *

What a powerful word perseverance is.  Despite difficulties or obstacles, you will continue with your course of action.  Even fighting your own discouragement, arguably one of the most difficult challenges, you will persevere and drive on.

Perseverance is one of the strongest attributes you can bring to your cycling (and the rest of your life as well).  Cycling is a hard sport.  It requires many long hours on the bike.  During this time of year those hours are often indoors on the trainer — a discouraging proposition if there ever was one.  Other challenges include learning technical skills (which can get bloody or worse), rainy or cold weather, and sometimes even just signing up for a popular race is a challenge (since they can sell out in minutes).

All the efforts of training are paid back when it’s time to race.  Racing is the easy part, right?  We get to enjoy the fruits of our labors.  If it were only so simple.  The truth is the other competitors lined up with us want to demonstrate their level of preparation as well.  Racing demands we dig deep within ourselves and put out all the strength we’ve gained through training.  We have to push ourselves to discomfort or even pain if we want to be competitive.  We may have to overcome unforseen obstacles thrown our way — mechanicals or other course elements we didn’t expect.  Folks who raced in the recent Snotcycle MTB race in Leesburg VA were confronted with a challenge — the snow was mostly un-ridable for the early racers so the choice was to run the ~9 mile lap or give up.  That’s a true test of perseverance.

Achieving your goals for the year also requires long term perseverance.  You may have specific performance goals (achieve a certain threshold watts for example) and it will take a lot of dedicated work to achieve those goals.  No one said it would be easy, but that’s partly why we like our sport.  It’s not for the weak willed.  It’s for the strong willed athlete.  Show us your perseverance in 2011.

* definition from Random House Dictionary as obtained at