Coaching Services

Following a standard coaching model, I provide the following services to my clients:

  • Goal establishment
  • Training plan design
  • Training / fitness monitoring

Performance analysis

I will work with you to define goals (to satisfy the “why do you want to hire a coach?” question). Then, we’ll work collaboratively to establish a training plan and monitor your training. This includes various fitness tests along the way (whether power based or not, depending on your situation). Finally, we’ll review how you fulfilled the goals you established and review the lessons that can be gleaned from the season (or intra-season) results.

Rates and Plans

Full Custom Coaching

I charge by the week ($35 US per week) with no setup fee or commitment required. I do this because if you are satisfied with my services, then you will stay a client. If you are not satisfied, you will leave. Could you end up receiving a training plan and walking away after a few short weeks? Certainly. But a training plan is not “coaching”. There are plenty of training plans that can be acquired off of the internet, from one of the many good training books, or from cycling magazines. Perhaps one of your friends knows of a great training plan. The value of hiring a coach, however, is in the *application* of the training plan, the inevitable adjustments that are needed in the training plan, and in the interpretation of results, along with the oversight a coach brings (having someone to “report” to).

I do not establish different levels of service. First of all, I don’t want to setup and track different service plans — I have better things to do with my time. Secondly, I limit the coach/client interaction by the number of clients I take on, not in how we interact. Different coaches establish different service plans (Gold, Silver, Bronze, or whatever) based on what works for them and this is what works for me. I hope that it works for you too. Please contact me if you’re interesting in discussing further.

Semi Custom Coaching – 13 Week Plans

For those athletes that would like a more affordable plan but specific to their situation, I offer semi custom 13 week training plans. These can be geared towards a specific event that you are preparing for or to help establish a particular fitness/performance goal. For these plans, we will conduct a consultation to establish the goals, constraints on training, and current fitness levels, and then I prepare the 13 week plan based on that input. During the course of the training plan, you are free to contact me with specific questions on workouts or other situations. I’ll provide one update during the course of the 13 weeks and then we’ll have a consultation at the end to establish how things went. Generally, these are provided in Excel format to make it easy for you to log your workouts and because I’ve already established a template that seems to work well.

The price for semi custom plans is $195 for the 13 week plan (or any number of weeks at $15/week).


Additionally, I’m available for consultations for any element of coaching services, such as goal establishment, fitness assessment, training plan review, or other. Services for these items are $30 per hour of consultation time (one hour minimum).