About Marc Genberg

I have been a USA Cycling certified coach since 2004. Currently a USAC Level 1 certified coach, I have provided coaching services to cyclists, competitive and recreational, for many years (starting around 1999).

I have been involved in competitive athletics since age 13, starting with a “Turkey Trot” 5k run. Since then, I engaged in various types of athletics from running, competing in 10k’s, 10-milers, half and full marathons, to multi-sport events such as duathlons and triathlons. I have also done adventure racing, participating in sprint and 24-hour races such as the Hi-Tec series, FogDog adventure race, and the Odyssey 24-hour race. I have been involved in competitive cycling for over 15 years, on both the road bike and the mountain bike, and have gotten into cyclocross in the past couple of years.

Let’s face it – you’re not hiring me for my athletic accomplishments, but rather to help you achieve yours. ¬†I routinely seek continuing education credits and also pursue additional certifications that make sense. ¬†Additionally, I have the USAC power based training, IMBA Level 1 ride guide, and USAC mountain bike skills instructor certifications.

Coaching Philosphy

I believe the athlete is the one in charge. Goals are set by the athlete, workout time is allocated by the athlete and workouts are performed by the athlete. I believe my role is to help guide, inform, and motivate the athlete to achieve their goals through structured training, education, advice, and dialogue. Read more about the role of a cycling coach here.

Why hire me as your coach?

If you hire me as your coach, I am committed to your success. My coaching principles are:

    1. Keep the highest integrity in all coaching encounters.
    2. Provide the commitment needed to help clients meet their goals.
    3. Only accept clients that can fit into my current workload.
    4. Work with clients to find the right coach when results demonstrate higher levels of performance.

If these principles match what you are looking for, then please visit my services page.